The primary aim of The World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN) is to service and drive the advancement and evolution of coaching and the coaching profession in the most sustainable, steadfast and trustworthy way.

WACN is proud to be the World’s first coaching association to include the most current and future focused application of neuroscience. WACN also includes the best of other diverse and traditional approaches to ensure it offers the most trusted, well-rounded, whole system integrated application of coaching.
We call this People Science.


The WACN is deeper than traditional coaching, as it goes to the core of whole system human growth and throughout the Whole-System coaching relationship and Integrated with Neuroscience. A WINning approach.

The WIN approach is aligned on the new coaching science of transformation. It takes a biological approach to observing, monitoring, assessing and modifying the energy flow and information exchange throughout the whole coaching relationship.




 Coaching with Neuroscience 
is a deeper vision for coaching because it brings a higher quality, more evolved and advanced version of coaching into our practices.

The nature of the agendas and challenges clients are facing are very different from three years ago. We now have the benefit of new high-definition awareness about how we work as humans from the inside which is helping us understand ourselves more. However, the outside conditions of work and life are even more pressurised and distracting than ever before. As coaches and coach developers, we have to be the ones that respond to the call of service to bring a higher-quality, more evolved and advanced version of coaching in to practice – this is what neuroscience brings and solves.

WACN faces reality and recognises the new world we live in, notices and respects the new intelligences we are developing as humans and responds to the complex agendas that show up in coaching with a new level of power and purpose. The core motivation, sense of purpose and calling of all coaches is to evoke transformation in others so it makes sense that the coaching professional also benefits from the power of our own work and steps up to transform.



(Whole-system Integrated Neuroscience)


The WIN (Whole-system Integrated with Neuroscience) approach is based on the need to co-regulate the focused energy and information between the two human systems engaged in the coaching process –coach and coachee-.

Co-regulation is a continuous and dynamic process that happens when one human system is impacting information and energy flow of another human system.  What this enables, is a coaching partnership where trust is turn up to the degree needed for authentic collaboration and co-creation. 

Coaching keeps evolving. This means we need coaches with a deeper level of personal development, real understanding of relationship intelligence and can access head-heart-gut thinking .

The WIN approach will upgrade you to a skill level that supports Coaching with Neuroscience.

If you are serious about coaching and want to be part of a community of open-hearted coaches you can choose to be part of the WINNING approach by becoming a WACN member.

Because our world is ever-evolving the WACN is committed to avoiding the limits
of what’s comfortable and instead drives forward the most effective and efficient pathway for coaches and training programmes to bring the best of coaching
into play.

The WACN Difference

WACN’s success comes from the space it creates to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This creates the opportunity to bring meaning back or indeed new meaning to our client’s lives

WACN was collaboratively conceived at a point in time when coaching had evolved out of its infancy stage but the professional coaching bodies and associations needed to support it had not. The original and traditional competency-based approaches had huge commercial value due to scalability but, as with most businesses that grow, scale often results is loss of quality, restricted growth and limited opportunity to evolve. 

While 12 months is an extremely long time in our ever-evolving world the WACN is committed to avoiding the limits of what’s comfortable just “because it works” and instead drive forward the most effective and efficient pathway for coaches and training programmes to bring the best of coaching into play. A place that honours the value of practice for professionals over the tenure of traditional.



  • Neuroscience Tools in Action: For example the WIN approach uses priming as a neuroscience tool to self-regulate energy.
    It supports greater energy impact during the coaching relationship. See infographic demonstrating priming for peak performance.
  • Coaching Accountability in Action: The WIN approach offers a conscious, deliberate and responsible way of being as a coach.
    Our energy impacts other humans’ energy. We call this constructive interference.
  • Powerful Energy Exchange in Action: The WIN approach believes in the power of transformation, by managing the energy flow and information through the coaching process.
  • Sustain Focus in Action: The WIN approach reaches across and brings together all the latest multi-disciplinary neuroscience research to inform trusted coaching quality practice.  


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It removes the out-dated, commercially focused limitation and need to demonstrate thousands of hours of repeat low-impact coaching quality and replaces it with a much more inclusive, relevant, yearly submittable quality coaching audit – a simple mechanism to prove your coaching quality, simple to provide your coaching evidence of practice, simple for you to continually achieve excellence.


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