WACN Ambassadors

We are delighted to introduce you to our current WACN Global Ambassadors.

  • Eithne Cusack

    Personal and Executive Coach and Professional Supervisor
    Eithne Cusack

    Eithne works with individuals and teams particularly in the areas of leadership development and change. Eithne has coached at all levels within healthcare organisations both public and private: working with high potentials, directors, executives and leadership teams across a variety of functions. Having worked at all many levels of senior management up to Area Director Level in the Health Service Executive Eithne has vast operational and strategic experience has given her a strong understanding and appreciation of the challenges facing organisations and professions and the people working within them at every level.

    As a Professional Supervisor Eithne provides professional support to practitioners to enable them grow both personally and professionally, to develop their knowledge and competence, be responsible for their own practice, and promote the well-being of the client.

  • Angela Schloer

    HR/OD Consultant and Leadership Coach
    Angela Schloer

    Angela is passionate about how humans succeed within the organizational arena. Angela started her career after graduating with a Psychology degree from a leading University in the Philippines where she first discovered the amazing link between the human brain and organizational behavior. She went on to do an MBA in the Philippines and a Masters in Human Resource Management in Ireland, while building valuable experience in various roles in learning and development, administration, HR management, management consulting across the education, management consulting, insurance and financial services industries. She then went on to complete the Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching with PSG, in 2016, which gave her the tools and competencies to work as a professional Coach. However, it was through the process of being coached that she found the courage to go after her life-long dream. After 13 years of working in different organizations, she founded CLEAR Leadership Consulting Inc., an HR, OD and Training firm that specializes in executive coaching, organizational transformation, and leadership development programs.

  • Herman Borchers

    Leadership / Executive and Sales Coach
    Herman Borchers

    Herman is a specialist in enhancing the performance of individual executives, sales teams and organisations.

    He holds an MBA (Henley UK) and his background also encompasses a wide range from sales management, to development of programs and initiatives for individuals, teams, organisations.
    Hermann’s practical approach to leadership and organization development began during his 18 years at IBM, where Hermann served in Sales, Acquisition Integration, and Project/Partner Executive roles.
    Hermann helps individuals and teams across a wide variety of functions and industries to build the management and leadership skills required to positively impact performance.

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