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Expert Supervision and Mentoring for Coaches at all stages

Coach Supervision

As the WACN stands over the art-neuroscience-art model of coaching, it stands to reason that we put huge value on the care for both human art forms in the coaching relationship.

WACN takes the view that humans are energy beings. It is the neuroscience energy data shared between humans that if left un-checked can build to an un-healthy accumulation and influence on the wellness of the coach. We care deeply about the whole-system wellness for all coaches and therefore see Coach Supervision as a mandatory part of Coaching CPD.

Supervision can be done 1:1 or in group, face to face or online

Coach Mentoring

There are times in our lives when Experience really matters, especially from someone who has been there and done that, successfully!

The WACN mentoring team have decades of experience in the coaching industry and have helped shape training, models and best practice approaches that enable new growth points be achieved with speed

The WACN Coach Mentoring team provide mentoring to coaches on a global basis.


Mentoring is a relationship that provides learning and development from the mentor to the mentee to enable them grow, learn and develop.

WACN has created a process for mentoring based on the art-neuroscience-art model in action to provide mentees with industry best practice.

Mentoring agenda examples:

  • Working with a coach who wants to progress their coaching either for accreditation pathway purposes or deepen their current levels of success.
  • Working with a team lead who wants to transition from being and individual contributor (IC) to being a manager/leader
  • Working with an individual who needs a better understanding of how to put success strategies into practice to enable more balance and fulfilment
  • Working with a group who need deliver project success while leaning into and leveraging the strengths of the collective team.

Mentoring can be done 1:1 or in group, face to face or online.

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