Neuro Wellness Coaching Training

Dublin, Ireland Positive Success Group €585

Most people when they look at their health and wellbeing say that there is a gap between where they aspired to be in their wellbeing and what the reality actually is in their lives, considering the challenges they face each day.

This core  Neurowellness Coaching Certificate will allow you bridge that gap with your clients resulting in a higher level of satisfaction and fulfilment, and sense of wellbeing wholesystem.

This 2 Day Neurowellness Coach Programme will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the supporting Neuroscience theory and a toolkit of techniques in Practitioner Neurowellness Coaching skills.

Drawing on new and established approaches from Neuroscience and Wellbeing Health management and Wellness coaching this new edition of the Positive Success Group (PSG) Neurowellness Coaching Course will assist in your development of fundamental coaching skills while introducing you to the PSG structure for successful Neurowellness coaching.

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