Coach Profile

Amanda Ringrose

Amanda specialized in Relational Dynamics Coaching and is also a mentor who has worked alongside people to help them emerge and transform their lives, supporting them in their own braveness and resilience delving into their own inner strength, pushing through resistance and tension that has left them feeling stuck in life and in relationships, whether personal or work relationships.  Amanda introduces neuroscience with clients to help them navigate and have a clear understanding of their own internal systems and relationship with themselves and how that shows up in other areas of our lives. For the past 27 years, Amanda has worked for non-profits and for-profit organizations where mentoring, teaching, and relationship dynamics were key in her work.  Amanda has worked supporting individuals and families to explore and grow into their own potential and find their voice to forge and a new space for them in their own world.

Amanda is also a trained social worker, lecturer and trainer who supports people creating change on a personal and professional level.

Amanda loves to see people realize that they have everything they need inside of themselves to create change in their lives. The most rewarding piece of work is watching someone connect or reconnect with themselves again,  fully understanding their relationship with themselves and  how that can  impacts every area of their life.

                                             As Aristotle says,  ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom’.