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Aodhdín Forbes

I am a Leadership Coach, empowering people to LEAD their best lives, both professionally and personally.

My background in Recruitment/HR and Education has allowed me to assist many who wanted to make a change, to learn and grow, and to set themselves on a pathway to succeed in work and in their personal lives.

As a WIN Coach I am holistic in my approach to fully support and guide you to realise your strengths, see your potential and energise you to achieve the goals that will bring you to career success and healthy work-life balance. The options that are spinning around in your mind will become clearer and decision-making will be easier once you start to “sort it all out” in your coaching sessions!

I partner with new graduates, people going back to work after time spent caring for family, mid career executives hoping to change direction in their work, teachers wishing to advance their career into school management, entrepreneurs setting up local/artisan businesses, many people re-evaluating their career in the wake of lockdown and experiencing new work practices, amongst others.

My aim is for my clients to gain clarity, choose the options that are right for them as well as empowering them to take ownership of their decisions and actions.

I would be very happy to hear from you.

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