Coach Profile

Cathy Corbett

Drawing on experience of 25 years in both corporate and commercial environments, mainly in relationship and people leadership roles, and as an award winning entrepreneur in hospitality. I help any individual, business leader or executive to uncover and optimise their highest potential, navigate through growth and change, integrate, respect diversity culture and help them thrive.  I help people lead and engage others, to grow and develop their skills to achieve their goals and the business goals. I am a professionally qualified Coach in both Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. My focus is on making you, your team and business perform optimally.

I also run masterclasses for young adults on the vital life and leadership competencies of Emotional Intelligence. This increases self -awareness, self-confidence and their ability to self-regulate their emotional state for better integration with other people. It also highlights the importance of empathy, having respect for other people’s points of view and approaching decision making without stress.

Specialist areas in my practice are:

Business Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Testing, Training and Master Classes

Team Engagement through Emotional Intelligence

Life Coaching for busy professionals