Coach Profile

Dayanand Andrew Bari

Andrew is passionate about all that he does and believes that the way to succeed begins with what you choose to believe, followed with a commitment to pursue all that one truly desires. With an experience of over thirteen years as a pastor, motivator, teacher, counsellor and guide, speaking to thousands of youngsters and future leaders, setting them up for success has been largely rewarding. Andrew had the opportunity to work with professionals, from various fields and enabled them to navigate through challenges to reach their potential. From millennials to generation new, from the inexperienced to the experienced, he has witnessed the power of transformation through conversations, questions and setting of goals. 

Andrew is a super believer of a holistic life and that is why he offers the opportunity through life and spiritual coaching to experience balance in the body, mind, emotions and spirit. You can trust the process and trust the space you will find yourself in, to grow and succeed