Coach Profile

Fiona Murray

I work with anyone who wants to radically change their lives, know who they are, and have the courage to take the necessary steps to move forward. I develop a co-active relationship with my clients to bring them to the awareness that they have the resourcefulness and the wholeness already to own their lives from whatever point they are starting from. More than ever now, it’s so important to know what we want so that we can focus our energies and I can help you harness that energy from within.

About me,

I came into life coaching because I didn’t have a clue who I was or what I wanted out of life. I went  through life events that shook me to my core. Relationships broke down, conflict with family, not accepting myself and my own needs, poor boundaries and not knowing who I was, what my values were. My life was completely out of balance. I was stuck and I had no energy. Coaching helped me figure out what I wanted, and who I am. I have experienced more, authentic connections, more self compassion and positive energy to move forward with my successful business.

I believe that I am the best coach to help you have the best relationship of your life, with yourself. I will take you through your beliefs, values and set you on your desired path with the knowledge that you created it! Knowing that we are whole and resourceful and truly believing that is the state that you will achieve when you undertake Life coaching. The benefits can be seen across the most significant areas of your life that give you the most happiness. Create new relationships, new purpose, more fun and enthusiasm and energy than you could imagine.  Empower yourself.