Coach Profile

Jennifer Davy

What if…..I told you that it could feel really easy to make big decisions, like learning to say No instead of Yes or creating a healthy boundary in your life. How would that benefit you every day? Now imagine how it could feel to know what you needed to do to have that.  If you gained self-confidence; could you get up and do that thing you’ve been saying for years…what would that thing be? I am here to tell you that taking these actions is 100% attainable and it can even be done without guilt or worry that people will think you have ‘notions’ or fear about what could be printed in the Parish newsletter! Perhaps it is time for you and I to get…

  • Really clear on what’s important to you so you can start saying No to things that are making you miserable 
  • Ban the ‘I should’ and start saying ‘I could’ instead, so you have the power of choice 

You started living your life, rather than following what everyone else says you should do

After working with me you will….

Feel an abundance of self-confidence, I’ve got a superpower in making you feel this way; just ask my clients! During our work together you will discover what is really, truly important to you and I don’t mean the usual things we say as our values, I mean the real and the raw. The things that are yours- I like to call these Non-negotiables; meaning those values that you will not live without. By knowing this about yourself you will think about and put yourself first once and for all! No more sitting at the table after everyone else is sorted! You see I am an accountability queen and I will support you in ensuring you actually do what you say you’re going to do, in order to live fully in alignment with your values. 

I believe deep within my bones that when we know what is true we can see what is a story and what is an assumption.