Coach Profile

Kati Bori

As a Cancer recovery and Confidence coach, support women who battle cancer, to move forward in life with a complex Life coaching, Image, and Oncology Beauty program.

Supporting Cancer Survivor groups on Facebook:

  • “Breast Talk” (1k members assisted by
  • “Onco Warriors” (5.4k members with mixed cancer diagnoses assisted by
  • “Cancer Support” (6.6k members)
  • “Cancer survivors and supporters” (45k members)
  • “Supporting women who strive against cancer to move forward in life”, is my supporting group, created also by a Nutritionist, Personal trainer and they participate as speakers.
    Life coaching as part of wellbeing is my specialty with Image and Color, also Oncology Aesthetic Beauty advice.

Speaking weekly “On the level” radio show at 93.1 Life FM hosted by Maria Burke. Covering the topics of personal development and how to overcome anxiety even stress, and also life coaching-related subjects. (

My vision and, my practice to show my clients during the recovery time, that their value never changed, they got stronger, more powerful and they also need to recover as a woman who lost part of her womanhood and part of her identity in the hospital because of their life-saving surgery, chemo or radiation therapy.
Planning and having a positive picture of their future helps them to have hope, even if they have to live with cancer for the rest of their lives. Setting goals and achieving them is a huge part of their amazing recovery process.