Coach Profile

Katie Dunne

My name is Katie Dunne and I am a certified WIN Coach. With a background in Psychology (BA, MSc) I have always been intrinsically motivated to facilitate the growth of others in a supportive and empowering environment. I am a firm believer in identifying meaningful goals that are in line with personal values. I have pushed myself to live authentically by this, having worked (and enjoyed!) the bustling city life of London after my Psychology studies, before following a 5+ year career as a Medical Device Engineer in leading global organisations. There have of course been challenges along the way, but nothing that could not be overcome with a growth mindset and gritty determination! I am passionate about empowering others to pursue and achieve their own meaningful goals, being the most authentic version of themselves and facilitating transformation through a supportive, collaborative and positively challenging coaching process!

I can support you in your journey with an array of agendas, including some examples below.

If you:

  • Have have a specific personal/ professional goal in mind
  • Need clarity and better understanding of your values
  • Are seeking support in identifying and working through self limiting beliefs
  • Feel a bit “stuck” and not sure why
  • Want a clearly defined and structured approach to tackling a goal
  • Would like to explore and improve existing (or non-existent) boundaries

For enquiries or further information please email me at [email protected].