Coach Profile

Laura Puchtler

Hi, I’m Laura and I am a professional coach for performance, balance and freedom. I am a firm believer in the balance of life, the power of mindset and the fact that anything is possible. My approach to coaching is highly individualized, combining elements of positive psychology and NLP with classical coaching tools – after all, everyone of us is unique and so should be coaching. Working together I want to empower you to increase your confidence, tame your inner critic and get back into the drivers seat of your life. Getting back into the arena takes courage, intuition, a vision about what you want and the right support system to aim high and believe in yourself. And in the end, whether we succeed doesn’t depend on monetary resources, or looks. Instead, it depends on the power of your mindset, the clarity of your values and the balance of your head, heart and gut. Let me help you find just that!