Coach Profile

Lisa Hughes

Here’s the thing.  Your work is an intrinsic part of your life. They’re indivisible. And most of us work in an area that we at least have some interest in.   At Arena we think that everybody deserves to do work that they love, that uses their strengths and work where they matter. So, we provide a range of services to help you Love Work.

One to one coaching – designed with you, to maximise your strengths and create a plan to use them.

Team coaching – All great teams need great coaches, at Arena we create team programmes to build the skills of the team needs to really thrive.

Leadership coaching – Great leaders aren’t born they’re made (or sometimes promoted!). Leadership is absolutely a skill that can be taught, and we do.

Intention at work – Intention, Attention, Attitude, these are the skills that these 1 hour talks focus on, strengthening your natural leadership qualities.