Coach Profile

Marc Evans

A Performance & Leadership Coach helping clients optimize their professional and personal life experiences through a process that guides their discovery and deployment of often-hidden skills. Informed by Neuroscience, my services are used by Clients to help fulfil their greater potential. The combination of my extensive corporate experience and Executive Coaching with Neuroscience credentials enables me to help clients navigate scenarios and master challenges by encouraging them to discover and confidently assert their innate skills within a co-active partnership.

Before establishing my Executive Coaching business, I spent 24 years in the financial services sector working at one of Irelands largest Insurance Intermediaries. Starting as a junior sales representative, I held positions of increasing responsibility, ultimately serving as an Executive Director for more than a decade. In this role, I led two of the company’s largest divisions, creating and driving strategy while cultivating trusted relationships with clients and suppliers.
With a former customer base that was predominantly public sector, I have extensive knowledge of management grades and structures, the workplace environment, and the diverse associated representative groups. In addition, through my work with private sector companies, I have a keen understanding of corporate structures and cultures, as well as business priorities.

The combination of my leadership experience aligned with my Executive Coaching with Neuroscience credentials gives me a deep understanding of the skills and mindset that drive high performance and success within any public or private sector environment.

What my clients say….

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marc’s coaching. He has a fantastic ability to extract the skills I already had and focus me in a way to be the best and achieve my goals. I would recommend Marc’s coaching particularly if you need help with mindset management. I practice the exercises everyday allowing me to improve my skill set”

Karen McGowan, President of Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation


“I have had five coaching sessions with Marc and am still amazed at the huge impact they have had on my career and in such a short space of time. The work around values was eye opening and life changing. Marc guided me to the small changes I needed to make with relative ease and it was all done in a relaxed and extremely effective way . He put me at ease right from the start. I feel very fortunate that I was lucky enough to find Marc as a coach so much so that coaching sessions with Marc will now feature as part of my personal self care routine. Marc is so good at what he does that it has inspired me to study this model of coaching for myself”

Angela Clarke, Head of Finance, Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation


“Marc’s coaching had a very positive impact on me, resulting in real change for the better. With much greater self-awareness, I carry with me and use daily the advice and tools he has given me”                                                                                                                   

Colum Colbert, Director of Procurement services, Flutter Entertainment


“I developed such a good relationship with Marc and got so much from the coaching sessions. He has a very open, honest and friendly style. It has given me a bigger picture view on things where I was stuck in the ‘day to day’ issues. He has equipped me to take a much more balanced approach to challenges and opportunities. Marc’s great strength was he encouraged me to find solutions without telling me what he thought I needed to do”

Sean O’Dowd, Catering Manager, Health Services Executive, Kerry



Advanced Practitioner in Executive Coaching with Neuroscience (Positive Success Group)

Certified Insurance Director (Irish Management Institute)

Certified Insurance Practitioner (Insurance Institute of Ireland)

Qualified Financial Adviser (Life Insurance Association)

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