Coach Profile

Orla King

She is passionate about people development, helping and enabling people to shed self-doubt, strengthen beliefs, guide others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement and creating a better, fun and fulfilling life.

Orla has over 25 years’ working in Business & Human Resource Management in the Private, SME and Public sector within the media and service Industry.

Orla’s background and experience in areas such as Business development, Project Management, People Management, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Leadership has given her the knowledge and experience to equip, support, encourage and enable her clients.

Her coaching will draw from an integrated range of psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks, philosophies and techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help her clients become effective communicators and change agents in their own lives and within their organisations. Orla will provide a safe yet challenging environment for her clients to leverage and expand their strengths and skills to excel professionally, personally in life and career.