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Paraic Keenan

Hi there, thank you for visiting my profile. I am a full-time Executive and Performance Coach supporting leaders to link personal development to professional performance through coaching.

Connection and people are important to me, as are the values of freedom and appreciation. My purpose is to be the vessel to hold your story – connecting you to your purpose. “To be listened to is a striking experience, partly because it is so rare”. I have developed a high level of listening skills which I believe to be one of the most important emotional intelligence skills we as humans can have.

Coaching with neuroscience is a process that facilitates personal and or professional development for sustainable and lasting change. The fundamentals of coaching are when a client wants more of something from live, or less of something in life. Throughout the coaching relationship we look at what we are doing, and in some cases not doing to achieve the results we want. It’s not about how good you are now, it’s about how good you’re going to be.

Having worked in leadership and management roles within the Commerce, Recruitment and Entertainment industries for 13 years I understand the expectations of working in driven and evolving business environments where change is forever present. My career in sales and marketing has offered me an informal study in human behaviour and building relationships both through the clients I have worked with and also with the high performing sales and relationships management teams I have built and led.
Having travelled extensively, and worked overseas in Australia and the UAE, I very much embrace diversity in both thinking, and approaches to living a fruitful life. I have a general interest in people from all walks of life and feel enriched by the various stories they’ve offered me.
I enjoy time in nature, sea swimming in the Irish sea, holistic wellness and working on my ongoing personal development.
What my clients say…

I had the pleasure of partnering with Paraic on a four-week Performance coaching program recently. His holistic, tailored, and empathic approach combined with practical exercises ensured each session’s outcome was focused & goal orientated. I came away from the program with a clear sense of direction and a roadmap for implementing those goals. Looking forward to partnering with him again in the future!

Laura D


Paraic is a trusted coach who builds strong relationships with his clients. I found him to be an excellent listener and an empathetic coach, with a very warm personality. He introduced me to clever tools and tips that encouraged and challenged me to think deeply and differently. I would highly recommend Paraic for any type of one to one or group coaching.

Anna C


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Have a great day, Paraic