Coach Profile

Sergio Durá Fernández

I am a Life & Career Coach with more than 5 years of experience in the fast paced and
dynamic tech corporate world including Google where I have been focused not just in
scaling and growing businesses but also helping teams accelerate and get unstuck.

Fast paced is not just our rhythm at work but also the new normal in our lives. We make
hundreds, thousands of decisions constantly, from a daily action like ‘What am I going to
cook for lunch?’ to more purposeful ones like ’What’s next for me?’.

Our daily choices contribute to creating a life that is more or less fulfilling. But how many of
those decisions are made consciously? Are they aligned with who you are? How do they
support your life vision?

Together we will create a safe but challenging space where you will explore and connect
with your value system bringing a new perspective, excitement and commitment to your
life and decisions.

Through the “Whole-system Integrated with Neuroscience” (WIN) approach we will observe,
monitor, assess and modify the energy flow and information exchange that will support
your agenda and set you up for success.

Critical decisions are not only made in business.