Coach Profile

Shane Conaty

Shane holds an advanced coaching with neuroscience diploma, having achieved excellent results. Shane mainly works with clients on conquering self doubt and inner criticism in order to help build confidence, develop positive habits, understand values and align behaviour to those values; this is work he is extremely passionate about. Shane is very active in terms of releasing content on social media and maintaining CPD. Shane began his own podcast in early 2022, which is featured on all popular podcast platforms, in which he chats to fellow life coaches and mental health advocates, in order to encourage more conversation around mental health and self development from a male perspective. He also recently began publishing a weekly newsletter with thoughts and tips for followers of the podcast. He previously worked as a researcher and tutor  in Criminology at the Maynooth University Department of Law, developing strong skills and experience in working with and facilitating groups as well as the ability to work effectively with individuals. You can find Shane’s podcast, newsletter and more on his website.