Coach Profile

Susan Gillmon

I am an Advanced Practitioner Executive and Life Coach (with Neuroscience). I also offer Career & Workplace Coaching, and Executive & Leadership Coaching. With my experience as an HR leader I can also consult on bespoke Leadership Training, and as an HR Consultant I can work with your business to assess your people related needs.

My journey to date includes 15 years working as an HR professional in the United States, where I worked in a variety of leadership roles as an HR Executive and Leadership business partner with C Suite Executives.  I am an experienced HR leader in all people matters, including running start up HR Organisations, Org Design and Operational Effectiveness, Leadership Training and Coaching, a former Crucial Conversations workshop facilitator and coach, driving Diversity and Inclusion, and HR Service and Operations. My experience ranges from Fortune 100 Financial Services to Global Tech Start Ups (U.S., EMEA & APAC).

I relocated back to Ireland in 2017.  On the personal front, we have twin boys and a baby girl. I’ve personally experienced a career break to focus on spending more time with my young children, while training and launching a new business of my own. Clients have included those seeking career transitions, returning to work parents, building confidence, reassessing one’s values, and for those looking to find more balance in their lives.

Looking to (really) change behaviours to drive reimagined career or life goals or both?  Are you feeling stuck, and overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Are you ready to reassess your true values? Are you ready to make sustained change and create new pathways with confidence? Do you need to boost your resilience? Are you ready to set healthy boundaries? How are YOU being experienced? Together, we will explore your true needs, and navigate a journey that’s unique to you. Let’s get your power back and help you thrive!

Client testimonials:

I worked with Susan as a career coach during a period of professional change when I wanted to apply my skills to a new industry but needed help guiding how I could do this successfully.  Susan worked with me to coach me to clearly articulate my goal in a single minded way and from there build on my skills to develop the confidence, clarity, self-belief and clear steps to achieving the goal. If somebody is looking for someone who will positively challenge them where needed, support them to dig deep into their own values and ambition and create a framework to achieve change, then I would genuinely recommend Susan.  Anna, navigating a career transition

Susan helped me to make productive changes in how I was approaching getting my new business off the ground. I had been going around in circles previously and our work together enabled me to understand what was holding me back and how to move forward
Louise, launching her new business