Coach Profile

Sue Landsberg

Hi I’m Sue Landsberg, high impact Executive and Life Coach with Neuroscience. I am a results driven strengths coach who is committed to developing emerging leaders excel in their role to lead with an exceptional skillset and competencies that inspire and positively impact others. Your investment in personal development is inextricably linked to your business success.

Leaders who work with me can expect to emerge with

*new thinking, perspectives and insights
*an increased attitude of optimism and motivation
*more effective communication and relationships skills
*greater work/life satisfaction and fulfilment
*confidence and self efficacy

I also support professionals who are
*considering a career move
*feeling stuck or unfulfilled
*moving forward after divorce/separation
*exploring retirement opportunities
*wish to boost self confidence
*want to increase resilience
*wish to gain clairty and direction
*wish to effectively manage stress and overwhelm

I positively changed my life and know how to empower others to do the same. I overcame debilitating social anxiety, lived and worked in five different countries and recently divorced. I have two teenagers and now live in Galway. I wish for people to develop their unique gifts and strengths, stand strong in their own power, let go of what holds them back and embrace life’s opportunities with confidence. I know and understand the power of the mind/body connection and how we can wire ourselves for optimum health and happiness. In doing this you discover opportunities to expand your potential, enjoy happier more fulfilling relationships and experience more calm and ease in your life.

I bring positive energy, bundles of enthusiasm and warm connection to our coaching sessions. The impact of our coaching relationship goes way beyond the time we spend together positively influencing every aspect of your life and creating change that sticks.

Together let’s champion your positive success!

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort,

time and energy needed to develop  yourself.”

Denis Waitley