Coach Profile

Tina Adagun

Tina Adagun is a Life, Executive and Wellbeing coach, and CEO Empower Services, a business delivering coaching, training and self-management services to individuals and groups to empower people live the life they love.

A dedicated, results focused professional with proven ability to support people improve their quality of life and work through coaching in a collaborative way. Empower coaching  support people to develop awareness of personal values, beliefs, emotional perception and expression to enable them to make sound judgement and decisions in life and work.

Tina has over 25 years in experience in leadership, project management and quality management, and an excellent record in delivering objectives developed over 12 years working as a medical doctor in Africa and the Caribbean.

Tina is an excellent motivational speaker, and a cultural inclusion facilitator. You can connect with Tina on 089 250 8283, or [email protected].